GOT – Human Stratego

Are you a fan of the Game of Thrones TV series and are you looking for a fun and exciting game for a party or birthday? Then this Game of Thrones – Human Stratego game might be really something for you. Play this game at any self-chosen outdoor location! Preferably in a forest or park. It is suitable for youth and / or adults.


General information


15 years and older 12 – 40  and 2 game leaders
outdoors (preferably in a forest or park) user guide download
postal package
approximately 1 to 2 hours when all supplies are regulated 1 to 2 hours (tips for regulation available)

Two to four different groups try to master the tokens or flags of opponents by teamwork. Of course, these are recognizable symbols from HBO’s popular TV series Game of Thrones.

Overpower your opponents using your persona card or win the survival assignments (such as archery or ‘the smartest’) of an equivalent opponent. Which group masters all the tokens/flags first ? Take on the challenge with this exciting game!


Game of Thrones – Human Stratego Ordering option

Guide book download ( € 7,50): you’ll receive all the files needed to organize the party yourself including a Game of Thrones Bingo.

Postal package ( € 49,25 shipment included): you’ll receive the download as well as the printed game cards, assignment cards, score sheet, flags, tokens, IQ-puzzles, target and the extra needed supplies (see below).

If you want to order, please send an e-mail to

Download Information

The guide book can be ordered as a download and contains all files needed for a successful party! Downloads are sent through WeTransfer in a zipfolder that can easily be unpacked on your own computer. If you need help unpacking the file, click here for Mac and here for Windows.


  • the complete Stratego guide book
  • invitations + text
  • Game of Thrones theme music
  • printable game cards, assignment cards, score sheet, flags, tokens, IQ-puzzles, target
  • font Cardo regular

Needed extra supplies:

  • 1 archery set / crossbow set
  • caution ribbon (for defining the boundaries of the area)
  • 2 to 4 little plastic bags for collecting conquered cards
  • 2 pens

Eventually you can add: