Brendon Chase (English)


The Brendon Chase Survival Games are based on the children’s book and youth television series Brendon Chase and have been specifically designed to play at your birthday party in your home environment. Experience the Story of Brendon Chase through exciting, active, informative games focused on survival in your own natural landscape. Also very suitable for scouting or school camp. Very nice to combine with the book or DVD.

Main information
9 years and older 6 – 12  and 2 game leaders
outdoors* user guide
2 – 3 hours when all supplies are regulated 3 – 4 hours

The Brendon Chase Survival Games are based on the children’s book and youth television series Brendon Chase. Briefly: Three children were temporarily placed with their aunt Ellen. Because she was so strict, they no longer wanted to stay with her. They decided to escape. Sergeant Bunting helped aunt Ellen to track down the children but he appeared to be not too clever. Because everything had to be done strictly according to the rules, the detection went rather slow. Meanwhile, the children learned to survive in the rugged forest Brendon Chase and Aunt Ellen secretly grew proud of the kids because they managed to survive such a long  time without being caught.*Although it can be played in your home environment, given the theme it would be great to be able to do this in a forest area. Please be aware that in most forest areas, it is forbidden to make fire or use a barbeque. You might want to gather proper information concerning the guidelines well before having your party.

The Brendon Chase Survival Games are played by 6 to 12 participants who will experience the story through exciting, active and instructive game assignments. They are guided by two game leaders: Aunt Ellen and Sergeant Bunting. Participants are divided into 2 to 4 camps (about 3 participants per camp) using the camp flags.

The main purpose of the camps is to earn as many points as possible. You can do so by winning assignments from the survival game or by performing them well. At the end of the party the camp that earned most of the points will be the winning camp.

Each assignment the game leaders give a clear explanation and keep the scores of the camps on the score sheet.

Please do advise the participants to wear some old clothing and also to look at the Brendon Chase series through the YouTube channel of  Columbasta to get in the mood. You will see a playlist starting with the intro. All 13 episodes are there in HD (with Dutch subs). The first episode is shown in the following videos:


(Please take notice: I am not connected to the original TV series or the publishers of the book.)


The escape run: To flee from aunt Ellen’s strict rule, the kids decide to escape. This, of course, has to be done as quickly as possible to be long gone before their escape will be noticed. It’s not easy because of the many obstacles on the way. Which camp is the fastest on the obstacle course?

Making fire: To survive in the rugged forest of Brendon Chase it is very important to be able to make fire. Not only to protect you from getting too cold but also to be able to cook on it. Make fire with a real magnesium fire stick. Which camp is first to burn the string?

The hunt: If you want to survive, you will have to hunt for food. In Brendon Chase there are a lot of hares and pigeons that can serve as food but strangely enough a tame pig also rummages around. This animal on its own provides food for quite a few days. You are going to shoot at laminated images or stuffed animals with a rubber band shooter and try to earn as many points as possible.


Knot tying battle: In surviving it is very convenient if you can make good use of all kinds of knotting techniques. For example, for the making of a trap or to firmly tie the materials of your hideout. Make sure you tie the knots in the right way or you won’t earn any points!

Salt sack run: If you’ve had a good hunt and you want to preserve the meat, you will be needing salt to rub it in well. But where can you get salt in a forest? Most farms to Brendon Chase borders, have a large stock of salt for the cows. But to take some of it unseen, you do need to be quick!

Fishing challenge: To expand your food options, it is wise to look for fishing water. In Brendon Chase  the “Blind Pool” is hidden where you can catch enough fish and ducks. Which camp has the best fishermen?

If possible, in the meantime and afterwards you can have lots of fun doing things like:

  • tree climbing
  • building the best shelter
  • steeling the flag from the other camps
  • barbeque
  • making bread on a stick

Guide book download ( € 7,50): you’ll receive all the files needed to organize the party yourself. Click the following link to view the content: BC Survival Games Guide book

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